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Welcome to the SFI Clan (DarkOmen) homepage


We are recruiting ArcheAge players for our ArcheAge guild.

The game is F2P so if you're interested in trying it out and joining us post in the recruiting section on our forum.

We are multi game clan that plays ArcheAge, The Secret World, Star Trek Eliteforce 2 and Titanfall that focuses on being a casual group of people and having fun.
We have no preference in time zones as we have members from multiple zones.

We are an experienced MMO gaming clan and have been playing ArcheAge since the Alpha version, The Secret World MMO since the beta and Eliteforce/Eliteforce 2 since they came out.

To visit the SFI Eliteforce- Eliteforce 2 division website click the EliteForce banner

We are known as the DarkOmen for ArchAge and the Secret World MMOs.

Click the banner to go to DarkOmen


More about ArcheAge via You Tube

ArcheAge Launch video

More about The Secret World MMO via You Tube

SFI NOLF 2 lives on as {U} at the UnityHQ Community site.
To visit  CLICK HERE (UnityHQ.net)


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Eliteone aka Sarya, SFI/Dark Omen Clan founder





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