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Clan Code
Introduction: Ultimately we want [SFI] to have the prestige that comes with being a respectable active Clan in the gaming community. Being a member requires a commitment (being active) on the part of the member. These rules have been set forth so that every member knows what is expected of them. First-time offenders will usually have a friendly sit down with a member of the Jag or a senior Officer. Pending the result of that discussion, more action may be taken. If the first transgression is severe enough, it may be treated as a second offense. Second offenders are typically brought to The JAG Corps for disciplinary action. Repeated offenders will be demoted or terminated.

Clan Uniforms:

All members must wear the RED Clan Tag before their name while online in a game server. Their names may be any color they wish. During Matches and Training, a player must use the following colors for Clan Tag and Name: A white [ ] and Red rank / name. If you don't know how to wear the Clan Tag/Colors ask another member and they will help you.


We expect you to be online at least a couple times a week. If not to play, at least get involved in the chat sessions that usually occur on MSN,Xfire and the forum almost every night. We want everyone to have fun with this, but you cant have fun if you're not involved. We understand the different time zones, school, work and recreational barriers we all have to overcome.


If you're going to offline for an extended period of time you should you should Post in the Shore Leave section in the Forum with the particulars of the situation and when you expect to return. As long as you keep us informed you won't be terminated for absence. Members must make every effort to attend practice sessions, matches, or any league games. We ask that you try to attend at least one (1) training session per week. Failure to attend at least one (1) training session over a period of two (2) consecutive weeks without email/forum posting notification could result in demotion in rank or termination. If we do not hear from you for over two weeks you face possible demotion and or termination from the clan. Communication of your absence is essential for the clan to make other arrangements.

We want this to be an active clan, if youre not going to be able to make it to a training session then you should email the Leadership at or post it in the forum under the shore leave section. At times we schedule meetings as a group or on an individual basis. We ask members to be there when they are invited and at the appointed times. Only respond by E-mail, MSN or Forum Post if you cannot make a meeting. If you cannot make a meeting, we will inform you of anything you have missed. If we cannot contact you and we feel that you are avoiding us or make it a habit never to responding to E-mails/Instant Messages etc. then we will have to consider demotion in rank or termination.


We will not tolerate arguing between members during a gaming session. If you have an issue with another member you should bring it to the Judge Advocate Generals office for disposition. We should never use harsh words; remember the goal is to have fun.


We know the temptations of cheating, but it is strictly forbidden. No BOTS, No Cheats etc. Some MOD s have bugs and you may even end up Invisible. Please try to correct the problem and play the right way. We DO NOT want to be known as a clan of cheats. Camping is okay though (Bring your own tent LOL)

Killing Chatters:

During training - DON'T KILL CHATTERS. An accidental kill is acceptable, as accidents DO happen on occasion however you must apologize.


Will not be tolerated. No exceptions, no excuses.

Killing Teammates:

An accidental team kill (be it by det-pack or an FF accident) is okay, as long as you say your sorry, or the person at least knows you didn't do it on purpose. If this becomes a habit, we will have to consider termination. Its kind of a stupid reason to get kicked out so just dont do it k?


The purpose behind this training is not to frag each other for 2 hours, but to prepare us for upcoming Matches. During training everyone must pay attention to the Tactical Officer/Trainer and follow his directions. This means no random weapons fire or taunts while the Tactical Officer/Trainer is providing instructions or setting offensive and defensive placement. Anyone who fails to pay attention will be called down and if they persist, will be kicked from the server. If necessary the senior officer in charge may take other steps to correct the problem.

Attitude Good Sportsmanship

Online gaming can be a highly intense experience and in the heat of the moment our emotions can get the better of us. Nevertheless, while you are wearing the [SFI] tag your behavior is a reflection of the entire Clan, so please try to maintain your composure, whether you're winning or losing. During a clan match (or any match for that matter), congratulate your opponent with a good game, or something along those lines. Should your team score a victory, you may brag a little but don't pound it into the losing team's faces. Treat any opponent with the respect that they deserve. Don't spread lies about other clans or players. (Do not accuse someone of cheating without positive proof). If you feel the need tell someone exactly how you feel then good ahead, just try to be tasteful rather than vulgar.

Also, acknowledging when someone frags you with a really good shot is a nice touch. If you are experiencing problems in the game you can mention them but please don't complain! We all have issues with the lag, the map, and the server etc Think of the SFI reputation! You must abide by all the rules and regulations of all Leagues in which we participate as well as any rules posted in servers we play in. Failure to follow conduct rules may result in your termination. We want to maintain a very good relationship with all clans and players, Game Network Staff and League Admins. To jeopardize this is to jeopardize our membership in all of these organizations.

Promotion Criteria:

1. Participation, including especially Matches and Practices
2. Other Clan involvement, taking on special assignments and jobs
3. Recruiting: refering applicants to Join SFI
4. Time in the clan (while a factor, It alone won't help you move up the ranks, you have to participate too)
5. Helping the clan out in a time of need (example: a very important Match and you jump to defend the clan's honor as a competitor)
6. New Ideas and concepts you come up with that you recommend to the Leaders
7. You will need to be tested and Pass too advance to the next rank

Multi Clan Membership:
This has been a hot topic for a long time now, but [SFI] Clan Policy is One player, one membership. If you play games [SFI] isnt involved in, then great, join another clan for that game. Just don't join another clan that plays the same games (there are certain "grandfathering" instances..See Eliteone for details) we do as that could become a conflict of interest.

Forum Use:
The clan provides a forum for the members to use and it is mandatory that you check it on a regular basis. We hope you will also post now and then. Due to some topics being open to the public, we insist that members use discretion in their posts. No profanity, no personal insults, no clan bashing, no ongoing disputes, no off color comments… in other words, keep it clean and considerate

Leaving the Clan:
If you feel that you are ready to move on or just move out, we will understand and wish you the best. After all, its a game and not to taken seriously. We don't want any messy breakups and we hope you stop by every now and then to let us know what you have been up to. Please don't use the Forum to post your resignation. Send an e-mail to and we'll post a goodbye message in the Forum for you. If you put it on the Forum yourself it will be deleted. It's not that much to ask to avoid the possible complications that could arise

SFI Clan reserves the right to ban anyone from the server/forum who violates these rules or the server rules without notice to the parties banned .