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Posted by [SFI]5.5,Crysis DL
Welcome to the [SFI] Crysis Division.

With over 6 years of Online Gaming experience, SFI (Star Fleet Intelligence) clan was founded in November of 2001 by Eliteone, centering around the game Elite Force. It has since expanded into EliteForce2, Jedi Academy, Call of Duty 4, CounterStrike Source,NOLF 2,SWBF1&2,Guild Wars and FEAR.

We frequently expand into the games out members would like to play and all members of the SFI community have an input on gaming expansions. SFI expanded into the NOLF community with the same sense of comradeship, ideals and principles that we apply to every SFI division.

All SFI Divisions are led by Senior SFI members. The Crysis Division was founded by Eliteone and is currently run by [SFI]5.5. Our members hail from all parts of the world. Each person has a say in how things are handled at SFI, all they need to do is voice their view and it will be discussed openly.

SFI Crysis is a clan founded on principles and we ask our members to behave in a respectful manner at all times. Cheating, profanity, harassment or insulting of others is not permitted. We desire to be a clan that people can respect and admire not only for our playing skills, but also for our ability to handle difficult situations in a calm and rational manner.

SFI Clan actively supports the gaming communities for all the games it plays by providing public servers that run on 24/7 dedicated servers.

For Crysis, we currently run a 24/7 Powerstruggle server. This public servers, made possible due to donations from generous [SFI] clan members through PayPal or via snail mail to Belladonna in NA or for Europe [SFI]5.5

Anyone interested in joining a clan that concentrates on playing the game in a friendly manner is invited to apply in the Recruiting section of the SFI forums.