[SFI] (StarFleet Intelligence) was Founded November 2001, as an EliteForce Clan by Fleet Admiral Eliteone.  [SFI] is very involved in the  EF Community  [SFI] also actively plays in Eliteforce/Eliteforce 2 gaming leagues presently. [SFI] Runs [SFI]EF Public server and the [SFI]EF2 Public  server. Both servers run 24/7

In June 2003 [SFI] expanded into the much anticipated EliteForce 2 as well. [SFI] Also Plays Jedi Knight Academy, NOLF2, Counterstrike Source, Call of Duty 2,  Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2,  Guild Wars , FEAR , Crysis, World of Warcaft, HALO and WARROCK . So Browse around the to learn about us and drop us a line and tell us what you think of our new look. If you wish to join [SFI] click the contact Info link above.


Fleet Admiral Eliteone {Clan Founder, Leader}

April 11, 2008