[SFI] Clan will celebrate it's 12 year anniversary on Nov. 5th 2013

Over 11 Years of Eliteforce Gaming

[SFI] Clan is known as Dark Omen for the Secret World MMO s. SFI EF/EF2 continues on as SFI.
 The division is lead by Admiral BerzerkKomander a dedicated Star Trek gamer and valued SFI member.

For the background of [SFI] EliteForce read the Communiqué that follows:

Dear Potential Operative:

Based on information obtained from the debriefing of the officers and crew of the USS Voyager (NCC-74656) and facing near defeat at the hands of the Dominion, Starfleet Command came to the conclusion that the assets of the Federation were too concentrated. It was decided to disperse those assets throughout the galaxy, so as to stem off the potential for complete destruction of the Federations infrastructure.

On Stardate 11005.1 Starfleet Command Issued Directive 33, which initiated the creation of Starfleet Intelligence-Delta Section {SFI}. {SFI} was chartered to counter possible threats forces that would impair the imminent exploration and colonization of the Delta Quadrant. Located at an undisclosed facility, within the Delta Quadrant the senior staff of {SFI} has begun recruitment for this elite group of intelligence and counter threat operatives. Equipped with the Federation Starship USS Victory (NCC-76947), a Sovereign class starship, and a squad of the Voyager created HAZARD TEAM, {SFI} is the Federations first and last line of defense for interests in the Delta Quadrant. Do you think you have what it takes to join the ranks of Starfleet Intelligence?

Fleet Admiral Eliteone {Clan Founder}
Starfleet Intelligence-Delta Section

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