STG Ef2-League 2005

PlaydayOpponentTagResultW or D
1Soldiers of Light[SOL]6:17Defeat
2Gamers from Hell=G|f|H=12:16Defeat
3Red Scorpions[*R|S*]14:12Win
4StarFleet Command Hamburg[SFCHH]17:24Defeat
5European Elite Force[EEF]17:26Defeat
6Champions of Photonic Superiority[COPS]1:30Defeat
7Silent Hunters Clan =$*H=0:27Defeat
8Galaxy Troopers[GT]14:19Defeat
9Soldiers of Light[SOL]26:1Win
10Gamers from Hell=G|f|H=23:7Win
11Red Scorpions[*R|S*]15:14Win
12European Elite Force[EEF]
13Champions of Photonic Superiority[COPS]
14Silent Hunters Clan =$*H=
15Galaxy Troopers[GT]

Current Rank: 7(of8) 7Matches 2Wins(1Default) 0Draws 5Defeats 59:129 (-70) 6Points