While the UFCA site is no longer up. We at SFI still uphold the ideals of this charter.




The United Federation of Clan Administrators is made up of a selection of Clan Administrators to benefit the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force players community. It began its planning in 2002 as an idea by the BOD Clan admins of creating a simple partnership between themselves and DARK Clan.

Soon after, the BOD Clan administrators began to see that it might be better to build a network of clans with the DARK Clan Administration that encompassed as much of the "honorable" Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Clan community on the internet as possible. They began looking at other Clans that they felt would benefit from such a network, and thus was born, The United Federation of Clan Administrators.

We welcome only Clan administrators into our organization. The only requirement for that is that you follow the rules as set out in our organization's charter and each clans respective charter, and that your clan qualifies under our guidelines for membership. New member Clans will be chosen by the charter members of the Federation, by request of prospective clans, or by choice of the charter members of the Federation. Each clan that is chosen is put through a strict personal evaluation by each charter member and sent to a vote of all members of the Federation.


Requirements for membership are:
1) You must be a Clan Administrator (Fleet Admiral ranking or Top Rank in your Clan.)
2) Your Clan must have more then 10 members.
3) Your Clan must be active in the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Gaming Community
4) Your Clan may or may not have an online presence. (But a web site would help.)
5) Your Clan may should not have any pending complaints from the present members of the alliance.
6) You must have a valid Yahoo! ID in order to take part in group activities.

Attributes for member clan admins in the Federation should be:
1) Admin of a clan who respects the rights of the individual player in the Elite Force gaming arena.
2) Admin of a clan of superior organization.
3) Admin with a strong desire for the betterment of his or her respective clan.
4) Admin of a clan with a sense of proper decorum and mannerisms, becoming of a clan commander.
5) Admin of a clan with a sense of moral obligation to the Elite Force players community at large.
6) Admin of a clan with a sense of respect for other clan admins in the alliance.


We, the Members of The UFCA (The United Federation of Clan Administrators), do agree that the Elite Force players community deserves to enjoy a more secure environment in which to serve the interests of the entire online gaming genre; and we agree that the only way to accomplish this goal is through cooperation. We, therefore, establish this charter and this Federation, The UFCA (also known as The United Federation of Clan Administrators), with these goals in mind...

Article I: Charter Members of the UFCA

Charter members of The UFCA shall form the governing body of the Federation, proposing and passing resolutions that affect the direction and formulation of elements that make up the entire UFCA.

Article II: Associative Members of the UFCA

Associative Members of the UFCA shall form the alliance as a whole, proposing and voting on resolutions to bring to the attention of the Charter Members, that affect the direction and formulation of elements that make up the entire UFCA.

Article III: Application

Potential candidates will have the opportunity to apply for membership by submitting an application for membership. Once the application has been approved, a meeting will be called with the applicant and at the members of the UFCA (At least one Charter Member of the UFCA must be present for this meeting, which may take place in an Elite Force Arena.)

Article IV: Member Conduct

Subsection A: Fair Play
The UFCA members all agree to fair play for their members of their clans, and for the members of the clans in the alliance. Admins should encourage their members not to be over antagonistic to other players. It only serves to tarnish the name of the UFCA and your Clan, and discourages other clan admins from applying for membership.

Subsection B: Foul Language
Although foul language cannot be controlled by the Federation members in the arena, the UFCA ask that its member body act and speak in a civilized manner. We are the heads of our clans and thus are subject to scrutiny by internet players. Every admin should keep in mind that he or she represents their clan and their membership body. Maturity should be an attribute of a respectable clan admin.

Subsection C: The United Federation of Clan Administrators Forum
The UFCA will have a private forum in which to voice opinions, share files or ideas, and use the forum for friendly good natured debate. Please observe the Yahoo! Terms of service agreement concerning proper conduct in their forums. Any UFCA member removed from a forum by the Yahoo! System should contact Yahoo! and investigate what they did to violate the terms of service agreement. The UFCA members will not be held responsible for any member account that has been closed by the Yahoo! system administrators. Members found to have violated the Yahoo! Terms of service agreement will be investigated by the UFCA. If it is found that, the member was terminated because of a legitimate violation of the Yahoo! Terms of service agreement, that member will loose his place in the UFCA. The UFCA has no affiliation with Yahoo! except for the forum space that we occupy. However, the UFCA will respect the decisions of the Yahoo! Administrators concerning account deletions.

There is no spamming, selling, or marketing of public or private consumer goods allowed in the UFCA forum. Any posts concerning private sales between one Member and another must be brought to the attention of the UFCA Charter members. Any advertisements of any kind will be deleted from the forum, and the member responsible will be removed from the UFCA. The UFCA Charter members shall not be held liable for any private agreements made between two or more Federation members.

Subsection D: Harassment
No Member of the UFCA shall be permitted to harass another member for any reason whatsoever. Such a member or member-candidate shall be eligible for dismissal.

Any Member of the UFCA found guilty of violating the principles of good citizenship on the internet, and/or found in violation of the principles upon which The United Federation of Clan Administrators was founded, and/or found to be causing discord among other members of the Federation, shall be eligible for dismissal from the UFCA, after review of the relevant circumstances by the Charter members, and a vote of the UFCA Charter members.

Since the information on the UFCA members forum will be classified, no member of the UFCA may invite another Clan admin, or Clan Member, or a non-approved player of another clan, or an open internet player, to the forum. Non-federation members found in the forum shall be deleted by the Charter members and disciplinary action may be taken against the member that invited the outsider. The UFCA is a members only organization. No outsiders will be allowed to gain access to any part of the UFCA private forums.

Article V: Private Clan Alliances

Alliances between the member clans of the Federation and another Clan will shall have no bearing on the UFCA as a whole. Private Clan alliances are not representative of the UFCA, as those agreements are private.

UFCA Clans will be considered "friendly" among the entire body of the UFCA. Please do not viciously attack another Federation clan. The UFCA Charter will be respected between the clans in the Federation. Any member admin found to violate the trust between the UFCA and its member body will be investigated, and may loose his or her membership to the UFCA.

Article VIII: Additions, Alterations and Amendments to this Charter

Subsection A: Corrections
This charter may be corrected or altered, for cosmetic reasons only, for the purpose of correcting spelling/spacing/grammar and other small errors, without a vote of the Charter members of the UFCA.

Subsection B: Amendments
Amendments, additions and alterations to this charter, which would affect the direction, purpose or other functions of the UFCA, or would alter the intent of any existing part of this charter, shall only be made effective by the UFCA Charter members and posted after the Charter members have reviewed the changes. Changes to this charter will not be posted until a review of the changes has been completed by the UFCA Charter membership.

Ending Notation

Failure to follow any of these rules could mean removal from the United Federation of Clan Administrators.

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